Kylt® HE
Turkey Hemorrhagic Enterititis Virus
Kylt® Turkey Hemorrhagic Enterititis Virus Real-Time RT-PCR Detection products are intended for the detection of Turkey Hemorrhagic Enterititis Virus in samples from birds.

The Real-Time RT-PCR Detection Kit contains all reagents and controls for the detection of Turkey Hemorrhagic Enterititis Virus.

The Real-Time RT-PCR Detection Reagents contain all primers, probes and controls as well, but need to be supplemented with a matching, at least 2-fold concentrated, RT-qPCR Mix.
Real-Time PCR
Pathogen, Exogenous Control
Tissues, Swabs, Body Fluids, Cultural Material
Frozen (≤ -18°C)
Profile I
Kylt® RNA / DNA Purification Kylt® 2x qPCR-Mix
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