Kylt® RNA / DNA Purification HTP
High Throughput Kit for the simultaneous purification of RNA and DNA
Kylt® RNA/DNA Purification HTP is a kit intended for the automated simultaneous purification of RNA and DNA from any veterinary diagnostic sample. Suitable samples include, but are not limited to, any type of tissue, swab, feces, cultural material, wash solutions and several others. The kit employs the proven reversible adsorption to modified magnetic beads.

Kylt® RNA/DNA Purification HTP is ideally suited to be combined with any Kylt® PCR kit.

Disposable materials such as plates, tip combs or pipet tips need to be purchased separately according to your instrumentation. Please inquire if you are looking for suggestions regarding automation equipment.
Poultry, Swine, Ruminants
Tissues, Swabs, Body Fluids, Feces, Environmental, Pre-Enrichment Samples, BALF, Cultural Material
Room Temperature (20°C)
31826Kit4 x 96Purifications
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