Kylt® E. coli Sta, Stb, LT
E. coli virulence factors Sta, Stb, LT multiplex

Kylt® E. coli Sta, Stb, LT Detection products are intended for the detection of bacterial DNA from the Escherichia coli (E. coli) virulence factors Sta, Stb and LT in cultural samples derived from swine and ruminants.

The Real-Time PCR Detection Kit contains all reagents and controls for the separate specific detection of  Sta, Stb and LT.

These detection products are suitable for suckling piglets, weaners and ruminants.

Porcs, Ruminants
PCR en temps réel
Différenciation des pathogènes, Contrôle exogène
Matériel culturel
Gelé (≤ -18°C)
Profil I ou II
Kylt® E. coli F4, F5, F6 Kylt® E. coli EAST, AIDA, paa Kylt® E. coli FimA, FimH, F41 Kylt® E. coli F18, F41, Stx2e Kylt® E. coli F5, F17, F41 Kylt® E. coli eae, EAST Kylt® DNA Extraction-Mix II