Kylt® Goose Polyomavirus
Goose Polyomavirus (HNEG)
Kylt® Goose Polyoma Virus kits are intended for the specific detection of viral DNA of Goose Hemorrhagic Polyomavirus (GHPyV, Avian Polyomavirus, Hemorrhagic Nephritis and Enteritis of Geese (HNEG)).

The kits are suitable for the analysis of samples from geese such as swab samples, tissues and organs (e.g. kidney, gut, spleen and liver), environmental samples and pure or mixed isolates derived from cultural processes of the aforementioned samples.

The kits contain all reagents and controls necessary for a reliable and sensitive detection.
PCR في الوقت الحقيقي
مسبب مرضي, سيطره خارجيه المنشأ
انسجه, مسحات, مواد زرع بكتيري
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