Kylt® Purifier 48
Fast & Efficient Purification Device for low to medium throughput

The Kylt® Purifier 48 is the automation solution for the purification of RNA and/or DNA from small to medium sample numbers using magnetic beads from any biological sample. This system features extremely fast processing with a run time of approximately 30 minutes (without lysis) for up to 48 samples.

The Kylt® Purifier 48 stirs the well contents instead of the usual tamping motion used in comparable devices. The main advantage, besides the speed, is the best possible resuspension of the magnetic beads, which leads to optimal purity and yield. Not to be neglected is the fact that the cross-contamination problem often observed with other devices does not occur here.

In the video, the application of the Kylt® Purifier 48 is briefly presented.

Room Temperature (20°C)
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