Kylt® recHVT DIVA 1
qPCR detection of the recombinant HVT vaccine strain in "Innovax®-ND-IBD"
The Kylt® recHVT DIVA 1 Real-Time PCR Detection Kit specifically detects the recombinant HVT virus used in Innovax®-ND-IBD (MSD Animal Health) vaccines in samples from chicken.

The kit can be used to detect the recombinant vaccine Innovax®-ND-IBD (MSD Animal Health) in samples previously tested positive for IBDV, PMV1 and/or MDV samples as well as to test unknown samples for the presence of this vaccine.

The kit does not include field strain detection, neither for IBDV and PMV1 nor for HVT.

The Real-Time PCR Detection Kit contains all reagents and controls for the detection described.

Please note that our Kylt® PMV1 duo Kit will give a negative result if the Innovax®-ND-IBD (MSD Animal Health) vaccine is present, whereas our Kylt® PMV1 Pathotyping will give a positive result.
Real-Time PCR
Pathogen Differentiation, Vaccine Strain, Endogenous Control
Tissues, Swabs, Body Fluids, Feces, Cultural Material
Frozen (≤ -18°C)
Profile I or II
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