Kylt® Salmonella Purification HTP
High throughput kit for purification of DNA from pre-enrichment samples

Kylt® Salmonella Purification HTP is a kit for automated purification of DNA from pre-enrichment samples.

The kit allows DNA purification from 96 pre-enrichment samples in 25 minutes using the Kylt® Purifier. In only one step the bacteria in the sample are lysed and the released DNA is bound to magnetic beads. After two washing steps and drying of the beads, the DNA is eluted. The washing steps effectively remove PCR inhibitors and prevent inhibitions. The sensitivity is identical to the proven Kylt® DNA Extraction Mix II.

Poultry, Swine, Ruminants, Feed & Food
Pre-Enrichment Samples
Room Temperature (20°C)
31433Kit4 x 96Purifications
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