Kylt® Salmonella spp.
Salmonella spp., ISO 16140 validated, (FLI-B 656)
Kylt® Salmonella spp. DNA Extraction und Real-Time PCR Detection products are intended for the DNA extraction and Real-Time PCR detection of Salmonella spp. in pre-enrichtment samples from birds, swine and ruminants.

The kit contains all necessary reagents, enzyme mixes and controls for a secure and precise detection.

This kit is the only Real-Time PCR product available that has completed the strict registration process with the German federal authority (FLI) for veterinary diagnostic products.

The detection reagents contain all primers, probes and controls for a rapid and precise detection, but need to be supplemented with a matching Real-Time PCR enzyme mix. See related products.
Poultry, Swine, Ruminants
Real-Time PCR
Pathogen, Exogenous Control
Swabs, Feces, Environmental, Pre-Enrichment Samples, Cultural Material
Refrigerated (4°C)
Profile II
Kylt® SE DIVA 1 Kylt® SE DIVA 2 Kylt® Salmonella spp. (FS) Kylt® RNA / DNA Purification
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