Kylt® SE DIVA 2
Salmonella Enteritidis DIVA Sm24/Rif12/Ssq and CAL 10 Sm+/Rif+/Ssq-

Kylt® SE DIVA 2 Real-Time PCR Detection kit is intended for the differentiation of the following Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) live vaccine strains (SEV2) from field strains (SEf).

  • Name of the commercially available vaccine: AviPro SALMONELLA VAC E (and AviPro SALMONELLA DUO - please consider the note in the manual)
  • Name of the strain: Sm24/Rif12/Ssq


  • Name of the commercially available vaccine: Primun Salmonella E
  • Name of the strain: CAL 10 Sm+/Rif+/Ssq-


Kylt® SE DIVA 2 is intended to be used for Salmonella spp.-positive material from cultural processes according to DIN EN ISO 6579 or equivalent cultivation methods. The kit contains all necessary reagents, enzyme mixes and controls for a secure and precise detection.

Note: As of 01st of August 2023, the kit no longer contains DNA-Extractionmix II. The Kylt®DNA-Extractionmix IIcan still be ordered separately (article no. 31398).

Real-Time PCR
Pathogen Differentiation, Vaccine Strain, Field Strain
Body Fluids
Refrigerated (4°C)
Profile I or II
Kylt® SE DIVA 1