Kylt makes your lab-life easier

August 1st 2018 marks an important date in the Kylt® Calendar. We have made considerable improvements to simplify your routine in the lab!

Universal Temperature Profile

Real-Time PCR and Real-Time RT-PCR can be run simultaneously using Profile I.

Universal PCR-Setup

All reactions are set up with 16µL Master Mix and 4µL sample.

DNA Extraction-Mix II is removed

Purchase only what you need. Extract your samples any way you like.

Universal Temperature Profiles for qPCR and RT-qPCR Assays

  • Two universal temperature profiles for all Kylt® Real-Time Detection products*

  • Profile I for Kylt® RT-qPCR e.g. Kylt® Influenza A and for Kylt® qPCR e.g. Kylt® MGS Triplex, if you would like to combine RT-qPCR and qPCR runs.

  • The (current) Profile II can still be used with Kylt® qPCR Detection Kits if no Reverse Transcription step is needed.

* For details of temperature profiles, please refer to the Direction For Use. There are two exceptions: Kylt® RT-qPCR for detection of different IB-Variants and Kylt® IBDV Serotype I run in a slightly different temperature profile and thus can not be combined with further Kylt® (RT-) qPCRs.


Universal Reaction Setup 16+4

  • 16 μl Master-Mix + 4 μl DNA or RNA

  • To make the reaction setup as easy as possible we have adjusted the volumes of Master-Mix and final RNA/DNA preparations for the RT-qPCR and qPCR assays. Both assay types are now set up with 16 μl of Master-Mix plus 4 μl of DNA or RNA, respectively.


Kylt® DNA Extraction-Mix II

  • Kylt® DNA Extraction-Mix II will be removed from (Real-Time) PCR Detection Kits

  • The Mix is available separately (Kylt® DNA Extraction-Mix II, Art. No. 31398 for 100 reactions).

  • The Kylt® (Real-Time) PCR Detection products will replace our Kylt® DNA Extraction and (Real-Time) PCR Detection; the article numbers will stay the same, so you can use the order numbers as you are accustomed to.

  • As an you can use the Kylt® RNA / DNA Purification Kit (Art. No. 31314/31315 for 5x50/50 alternative reactions). This spin column-based kit allows simultaneous purification of RNA and DNA from a broad range of veterinary samples, like swabs, feces or blood.

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