Which qPCR Cyclers work with Kylt kits?

A frequent inquiry that we receive at Kylt is, if an existing qPCR Cycler will work with our kits.

Based on our own experience and from our customers we know, that many qPCR-Cyclers will work with our kits.

The prerequisite is, that the used Fluorescence channels are available and that changes can be made to the temperature profile.

The following qPCR Cyclers are tested successfully and are also an available option in the Software:

  • BioRad CFX 96 and 384
  • Agilent AriaMX
  • Stratagene MX3005
  • Rotorgene 3000 and 6000 (Q)
  • LightCycler 96 and 480
  • ABI 7500

Please inquire, if you use a different type of qPCR Cycler.