Supported qPCR Cyclers in the Kylt Software 3.3

Our Kylt Software 3.3 currently supports 11 different qPCR-Cyclers and the correponding software.

Please find the supported Cyclers in the table below, and please inquire should you use any other Cycler.

ManufacturerModelSoftware Version
AgilentAriaMXV 1.5
Analytik JenaqTower 3841.1 (Build
Analytik JenaqTower 964.0 (Build
BioRadCFX Opus 3844.1.2433.1219
BioRadCFX Opus 964.1.2433.1219
Qiagen/CorbettRotorgene Q 60002.3.1 (Build 49)
Qiagen/CorbettRotorgene 30006.1.93
RocheRoche Light Cycler 961.1.0.1320 (Service Pack 1.1.1)
RocheRoche Light Cycler 480 SW1.5.1.62
StratageneStratagene Mx3005MX Pro v.4.10 Build 389, Schema 85
ThermoABI 75002.3

Many other Cyclers besides those listed, are compatible with Kylt kits as well, as long as they support the fluorescence channels and can run the required temperature profile.