Kylt at first International Conference on Poultry & Fish Vaccinology and Diagnosis
Kylt is part of the 1st International Conference on Poultry & Fish Vaccinology and Diagnosis

From January 17-18, 2023, the 1st International Conference on Poultry and Fish Vaccinology and Diagnosis (ICPoFiVD) 2023 took place in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The event is the first international conference that aims to gather all the experts in the field of poultry and fish from all around the world. With the theme “Advancements in animal vaccination and diagnosis: Opportunities and challenges”, it covers the latest development in the poultry and fish culture industry, which are strongly supported by advancement in disease diagnostics and vaccination technology.

Malaysian distributors of Kylt® products were part of the conference which was mainly attended by researchers, academicians, business professionals, industries and students. Dr. Sheau Wei Tan from Abadiah Laboratory held an interesting session during the event and spoke about the performance of Kylt® PMV-Pathotyping kit in method in detection and differentiation of NDV pathotypes.

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