Sign up to our next International Kylt Training
December 05 and 06, 2023 in Hoeltinghausen, Germany

Due to the great interest in our training, we are now able to offer a second training in December. If you missed the registration deadline for the November training, this is your chance to secure a place for the December training.

“Net zero by 2027”: SAN Group will reduce its emissions by 90 percent by 2027

We are already taking important measures today for a better tomorrow: With our goal of “net zero by 2027,” we will save 90 percent of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 2027.

Kylt at first International Conference on Poultry & Fish Vaccinology and Diagnosis
Kylt is part of the 1st International Conference on Poultry & Fish Vaccinology and Diagnosis

From January 17-18, 2023, the 1st International Conference on Poultry and Fish Vaccinology and Diagnosis (ICPoFiVD) 2023 took place in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

We pause our shipping for Christmas Holidays.
Depending on your location, we pause our shipping to avoid delays.

The upcoming Christmas Season and New Year’s Eve entail quite a few public holidays in Germany. To avoid prolonged shipping, we do not routinely ship over the holidays.

Improved accuracy when pipetting Reaction Mix
Use Reverse Pipetting to improve the accuracy of your pipetting.

Reverse Pipetting is a technique to improve the accuracy of pipetting liquids that have a higher viscosity than water. Kylt® Reaction Mixes contain glycerin as well as proteins and enzymes.

Kylt® lecture at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

Kylt® lecture at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). At the end of July, a seminar was held for the first time in Malaysia on the topic "Ensuring Food Safety From Farm to Fork. Kylt® - Professional Solutions for Veterinary Diagnostics" at the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

VI. National Kylt Training
After a long break due to Corona, we were finally able to host a Kylt training in Höltinghausen again.

Yesterday our VI National Kylt Training in Höltinghausen came to an end. We were pleased to introduce 14 participants from different laboratories to our approach to PCR-based veterinary diagnostics over 3 days.

Are you visiting VIV Europe in Utrecht? Meet us there
We look forward to this event and to present all of the latest developments from Kylt

VIV Europe takes place from May 31 to June 2 at the Jaarbeurs Exhibtion Centre in Utrecht, The Netherlands. We would be happy to welcome you at our Kylt booth 10.A007. 

Meet us at VIV MEA
and join us for our Sattelite Symposium on Poultry Health

Finally! We will be a VIV MEA 2021! in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., November 23 - 25. We would be happy to meet you at our booth S075 in Hall 9. We'd also like to invite you to our Sattelite Symposium on Poultry Health at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre on Wednesday.

Tutorial - How to transfer enriched samples from stomacher bags
Video Demonstration

The first step in testing for Salmonella in veterinary as well as food and feed samples is the pre-enrichment in buffered peptone water. This is usually done in stomacher bags. To facilitate subsequent steps, such as the purification of DNA for PCR testing, the samples should be transferred to screw cap tubes.

Kylt PIA used to study the prevalence of Lawsonia intracellularis
in European pig herds.

On 17 December an article was published in Porcine Health Management 5 on the study of the prevalence of Lawsonia intracellularis in European pig herds.

Supported qPCR Cyclers in the Kylt Software 3.3

Our Kylt Software 3.3 currently supports 11 different qPCR-Cyclers and the correponding software.

Kylt Software 3.1 is now available
Simpler, faster and free for our customers

We are introducing Kylt Software 3.1: Faster workflow, simple to operate, customizable reports, free for our customers, new graphical user interface, support for more qPCR cyclers, combine assays (RT-qPCR and qPCR) and more.

Meet us at VIV Asia
and join us for our Sattelite Symposium on Poultry Health

We will be a VIV Asia 2019! in Bangkok, Thailand, March 13 - 15. We would be happy to meet you at our booth H0098.4177. We'd also like to invite you to our Sattelite Symposium on Poultry Health at the Mariott Marquis Queen's Park on Friday.

Join us for two more International Kylt Trainings in 2019

The International Kylt Training is due for the sixth installment already in April of 2019. And we have the seventh scheduled for September already as well. We are looking forward to again welcome our customers and soon-to-be customers to our premises in Germany.

Which qPCR Cyclers work with Kylt kits?

A frequent inquiry that we receive at Kylt is, if an existing qPCR Cycler will work with our kits. Based on our own experience and from our customers we know, that many qPCR-Cyclers will work with our kits.

Synonyms for Fluorescence Channels

Depending on the manufacturer, the fluorescence channels are named differently for approximately identical wavelengths.

New Application Note for Kylt in International Proficiency Testing Schemes
Results from several international ring trials prove the quality of Kylt Products

The AniCon laboratory offers accredited service veterinary diagnostics to customers around the world. We routinely use our Kylt®-products in our own high-throughput processes. Together with Macherey-Nagel, we have used data from several international proficiency testing schemes to compile an Application Note.

Kylt makes your lab-life easier

August 1st 2018 marks an important date in the Kylt® Calendar. We have made considerable improvements to simplify your routine in the lab!

Join us for the second International Kylt Training
Only a few spots are left

After our greatly received premiere, we have set the date for the second International Kylt Training. Join us on 28 February and 01 March in Höltinghausen/Germany. We have a few spots left.

Our First International Kylt Training was a success
We are ready to do it again in the spring of 2018

We were excited to welcome eight participants from five different countries at our facilities in Höltinghausen, Germany. Our training was an introductory-level course, providing theoretical background information as well as extensive practical hands-on lab work.

Invitation to the International Kylt Training 2017
Join us in November for an in-depth training.

The Kylt® team hosts our first international training for our customers on November 8th and 9th 2017. Receive in-depth theoretical and hands-on instructions, get updates about recent developments and get to know the people behind the Kylt® brand.

Meet us at WVPA XXth Congress 2017!
We are in Edinburgh for the biannual WVPA Congress of international poultry experts.

Meet us personally in Edinburgh, 4 - 8 September. We are at your disposal throughout the whole congress.

Manual Download
Available via each product page

In order to facilitate working with our Kylt products, especially since we vastly expanded our Catalog, we aim to publish all manuals as PDF on our Website.

New Kylt Catalogues for 2017
Kylt vastly broadens the diagnostic spectrum. Now including ruminants and swine.

We have revised all catalogues for 2017. New products are available for Poultry diagnostics and Food Safety applications. Completely new catalogues are available for Ruminants and Swine.

Meet us at WAVLD 2017
We are in Sorrento for WAVLD 2017

Meet us at 18th WAVLD, June 7th - June 10th in Sorrento. Booth #30. Get to know our newest products including our new Kylt Portfolios for Swine and Ruminants. Also, we have updated our Food Safety and Poultry Portfolios.

Kylt® is ISO 9001 certified
Successful audit in February 2017.

Kylt® products were known from the start to be reliable products with a focus on quality and usability. Now our ongoing effort to always improve and deliver the best products for your diagnostic needs were certified to be ISO 9001 compliant.

Detection of Salmonella Enteritidis vaccine strains

Kylt® launched two new DIVA-PCR kits for the detection of Salmonella Enteritidis vaccine strains.


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