Improved accuracy when pipetting Reaction Mix
Use Reverse Pipetting to improve the accuracy of your pipetting.

Reverse Pipetting is a technique to improve the accuracy of pipetting liquids that have a higher viscosity than water. Kylt® Reaction Mixes contain glycerin as well as proteins and enzymes.

Kylt Software 3.1 is now available
Simpler, faster and free for our customers

We are introducing Kylt Software 3.1: Faster workflow, simple to operate, customizable reports, free for our customers, new graphical user interface, support for more qPCR cyclers, combine assays (RT-qPCR and qPCR) and more.

New Application Note for Kylt in International Proficiency Testing Schemes
Results from several international ring trials prove the quality of Kylt Products

The AniCon laboratory offers accredited service veterinary diagnostics to customers around the world. We routinely use our Kylt®-products in our own high-throughput processes. Together with Macherey-Nagel, we have used data from several international proficiency testing schemes to compile an Application Note.