Improved accuracy when pipetting Reaction Mix
Use Reverse Pipetting to improve the accuracy of your pipetting.

Reverse Pipetting is a technique to improve the accuracy of pipetting liquids that have a higher viscosity than water. Kylt® Reaction Mixes contain glycerin as well as proteins and enzymes.

Tutorial - How to transfer enriched samples from stomacher bags
Video Demonstration

The first step in testing for Salmonella in veterinary as well as food and feed samples is the pre-enrichment in buffered peptone water. This is usually done in stomacher bags. To facilitate subsequent steps, such as the purification of DNA for PCR testing, the samples should be transferred to screw cap tubes.

Supported qPCR Cyclers in the Kylt Software 3.3

Our Kylt Software 3.3 currently supports 11 different qPCR-Cyclers and the correponding software.

Which qPCR Cyclers work with Kylt kits?

A frequent inquiry that we receive at Kylt is, if an existing qPCR Cycler will work with our kits. Based on our own experience and from our customers we know, that many qPCR-Cyclers will work with our kits.

Synonyms for Fluorescence Channels

Depending on the manufacturer, the fluorescence channels are named differently for approximately identical wavelengths.